Rockcrawling the Isham Canyon Trail – Ultimate Adventure 2016

By | November 29, 2017

Part 1 of Ultimate Adventure 2016. It’s the often-copied, never-duplicated extreme off-roading adventure trip that started it all. Take a big group of extreme off-road rigs, a gang of crazy sleep-deprived dirt junkies, and a week-long diet of hardcore trails, brutal road days, and no trailers allowed and you’ve got Petersen’s 4 Wheel & Off-Road’s Ultimate Adventure. For this, the 17th Ultimate Adventure, we gathered our usual cast of characters, including some lucky invited 4-Wheel & Off-Road readers, aftermarket advertisers who sponsor the Ultimate Adventure, our support crew of cronies, and the magazine staff and headed to the high desert of California to begin what would be one of the most epically scenic and technically challenging UAs to date. As usual, UA2016 ticked all the boxes like long-distance road driving, hardcore wheeling, camping, exploring, comradery, vehicular failure and trailside repair, and just plain seeking adventure for which the UA has become well known. This year we’re skipping video of the boring tech inspection and check-in process so we can dive right into our first trail day of hardcore rockcrawling in 120-degree desert heat. We gathered in our hotel parking lot in Ridgecrest, California, before caravanning northeast to the Isham Canyon Trail. For more action, videos, pictures check out

Catch the entire week of 2016 Ultimate Adventure on the Motor Trend Channel December 12th through December 16th with a new video premiering each day!

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20 thoughts on “Rockcrawling the Isham Canyon Trail – Ultimate Adventure 2016

  1. MoabMan

    3 minutes of random wheeling clips, the rest was interviews of people whom I have no idea who they are or product plugging.

  2. NovaGreen Daily Diatribes

    People must get pelted with rocks standing around there. Close and far away I bet, when a rig is trying to get thru something and is mashing on it!

  3. Rocko's Tacos

    Put the videos from first to last in the playlist so I don't have to guess what the fuck video is next or worry bout it just sayin

  4. The campion Gaming

    Every one is saying boring if your an actual off road guy you will like this type of content

  5. Michael Hagood

    I'd love to see a build overview of that 03 Grand Cherokee… I have that same truck and have been wondering what I want to do off-road wise to it.

    Also, what's the allure of taking really expensive rigs and smashing them into rocks?


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